The JOGLE Challenge


Conquer 853.5 miles & transcend your limits

Run, walk, bike, swim, or hop your way across the UK, following a virtual course inspired by the famed JOGLE route from John O' Groats to Land's End in the Run The Edge Tracker!

50% of your digital registration goes straight to supporting 2 mental health charities - Active Minds and Mind Over Mountains.

No deadline to finish!

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1-10 people

Team size

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2022 JOGLE Challenge Run The Edge®
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JOGLE Challenge $30

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Individual and Team Online Tracker

Milestone Landmark Badges

Access to private community

50% of your digital registration goes straight to supporting 2 mental health charities

What you get with each challenge

Community access
Community access

Share with others in your journey and stay motivated in your shared fitness goals!

Mileage tracker
Mileage tracker

One convenient place to see your fitness journey, statistics, fellow team members, and so much more.

Physical & digital swag
Physical & digital swag

Each challenge can include a variety of fun merch, from t-shirts, medals, digital badges to stickers.

Adventure across the UK to support mental health charities

  1. 1
    Follow the renowned JOGLE route

    Traverse the UK from John O'Groats to Land’s End. This unique event will take you along this famous route where you will learn about unique landmarks as you go!

  2. 2
    Support mental health charities

    By registering you have the unique chance to support your own fitness goals and help others at the same time. 50% of your digital registration goes directly to two charities working to support those in need of mental health resources, Active Minds and Mind Over Mountains.

  3. 3
    Run solo or with a team of 10

    A team of up to 10 people can divide the miles and hit 853.5 together! Our tool will track your individual and team miles.

Exclusive discounts and swag

All registrants will receive exclusive discounts from event sponsors 80Noir Ultra, Runderwear, Seven SundaysRoll RecoveryScimitarZAG DrinksPretty Athletic, Wild Highlands, and more!

As an added bonus, for the first 10 days registration is open we will be selecting 15 people each day to win some of 80Noir Ultra’s premium chocolate for free! We will also be selecting 100 additional participants randomly throughout the challenge to send samples of the chocolate for an extra boost of power to complete the challenge!

Get ALL the fabulous details below (including our FAQ) and check out your options to snag a limited edition medal to commemorate your accomplishment along with a shirtmug, and some pretty awesome stickers (because let's be honest, who doesn't love stickers?!).

Support mental health charities

The most important part? Not only will you tackle an epic fitness challenge, you will also be a part of a mission to raise money for 2 mental health charities: Active Minds and Mind Over Mountains, using your physical miles for a positive impact. 50% of your $30.00 digital registration will go straight to the 2 charities.

Unlock landmark badges

Hand-drawn by our amazing designer Sara, you will earn badges along your JOGLE journey as you travel through various landmarks along the way! You’ll probably recognize a few that pop up, while some are a little more… “niche,” let’s say. You will learn fun facts and might just feel like you are on the actual route itself! You will get to see what makes this route so special, from your very own backyard.

What our participants are saying

"I absolutely admire what you and your team do!  This community of runners and non-runners you’ve created is amazing!"

Christopher Lemley, 3-year participant

"Yay!! So excited. I hope you feel all the energy of this wonderful community that you've created! I'm thankful for Run the Edge!"

Aisha Greene, 2-year participant

"Thank you for your communication. I appreciate and love Run the Edge and will continue to do so and support as I can! I love the enthusiasm, support, and love ❤ Wishing the team all the best this season and on!"

Tia Bellm, 6-year participant

Frequently asked questions

Still have a question for us about the challenge? No question is too big or too small, but please don’t ask us about putting pineapple on a pizza. You’ll just start an argument.

Contact us
  • Tell me about the fundraising effort!

    The main goal of this effort is to raise money for two mental health charities: Mind Over Mountains and Active Minds. 50% of your digital registration will go straight to the charities which we hope will be a large contribution to the effort. To increase the impact of this goal, we have enlisted supporters across the globe and have a Just Giving page YOU can share to help build momentum.

  • Tell me about the medal & other swag!

    Our limited edition, interactive JOGLE medal pays homage to the effort of both raising money for charity and our partnership with 80Noir Ultra to spread positivity and promote mental health and fitness through exercise and CHOCOLATE! (Yes, 80Noir Ultra had us at chocolate too...) In addition to the medal, you can further celebrate your effort with a commemorative shirt, mug, and stickers. Check out all the swag HERE.

  • When does the medal & swag ship?

    All JOGLE swag - the medal, shirt, mug, and stickers - will ship at the end of October!

  • Tell me how teams work!

    You can do this challenge "Solo" AND be on a team at the same time! The mileage tracker will keep track of your personal journey as well as a team of up to 10 people.  Finish the challenge with your team and then keep going to finish it solo.

    Here are the steps to create your team:

    1. Every member of the team needs to register individually.

    2. Choose a "Fearless Leader" for your team! The Fearless Leader needs to know every team member’s info, including name and email address.

    3. Once everyone is registered, the Fearless Leader creates the team within the tracker:

    The tracker will keep track of your individual miles as well as your team’s miles. You can only be on one team at a time in the tracker. It’s very easy to switch to a new team, but once you leave a team, all of your miles will leave with you.

    And nope — the 853.5 miles don’t have to be split evenly between teammates. You can divide them up however you want!

  • Tell me about the tracker!

    Lightweight online mileage tracker.

    Add it to your phone and it works just like an app. No downloads required!

    - Easily log your miles on our web-based online tracker.

    - Access the tracker from your phone, tablet, or computer.

    - Follow your progress, your team’s progress, and your friends’ progress.

    - Sync with Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, and Apple Health for even easier mileage logging.

  • Wait, how long do I have to do this?

    There is no deadline to finish! You (and your team should you form one) can complete the 853.5 miles at your own pace! Set YOUR personal goal on when you want to complete the distance!

  • What is ‘JOGLE’?

    JOGLE is a famous route that starts in John O’Groats and goes all the way to Land’s End in the UK! You can run, walk, jog, or bike the real thing. Our goal is to have you experience as much of this beautiful route as you can from your own backyard.