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Sign up for FitLife and gain access to a wide range of virtual fitness challenges that you can schedule and complete as often as you want. Earn your miles by walking or running the distances for the challenges you choose on the days you select! Yes, miles on treadmills and ellipticals count!

The challenges and themes change every month, and you can complete up to 7 challenges each week!

When you register as a founding member, you will enjoy one year of fitness and fun for a cool $50! That yearly investment will stay the same for as long as you choose to participate in FitLife. That's less than the cost of a box of cereal per month!

Become A Founding Member

When you register as a founding member by July 31st, you will enjoy one full year of FitLife for only $50. Add a limited edition Founding Member shirt and sticker pack for an additional $15. This price will NEVER be offered again, but as a founding member you will pay the same discounted price every time you consecutively register for FitLife(Note: if you choose not to renew your registration, you will lose the founding member price and will pay full price once you rejoin the challenge.)

How It Works

Why It Works

Every month, we will update the menu of available activities in the FitLife tracker to keep you motivated and entertained on your fitness journey. This is a great way to form healthy habits and incorporate fitness into your life! FitLife can also help you stay on track in your training, connect with a supportive community, and share your stories and progress in our FitLife Stream! The FitLife Stream allows you post within the tracker and can be anything you want— make it your own live fitness journal and keep in touch with other participants!

What's Happening in August?

*Bear Snack Series*

In the beekeeping world, a “bear snack” is the term for when a bear breaks into a hive and gouges out a huge claw full of honey. This is devastating to the bees who had been happily filling up their hive with honey stores for the winter months, but rather than give up, the bees double their efforts to store even more honey and repair the damage. The hive ends up stronger and even better prepared for winter than they would have been if the bear had never taken a snack.
Over the course of our lives, we experience our own “bear snacks” where an event that is initially destructive ends up making us refocus and to take action. Like the bees, we become stronger and find ourselves in a better place than if that event never happened. However, instead of calling them “bear snacks,” we often refer to these events as “Transformative Experiences. Find YOUR "bear snacks" in this challenge series from 5K to Ulta-Marathon!

*Strange Olympics Series*

August 8th will be the end of the 2020 Olympic games. But due to strange circumstances (COVID), these games were held in 2021. Weird, right? This inspired us to make a series about the strangest Olympic sports of all time.

Each activity in this series commemorates an actual Olympic event where real people won real Olympic medals. During your walks and runs, imagine yourself claiming Olympic glory in each of these events!

*Encore: Walkabout Challenge Series*

This series was created with walkers in mind but runners are welcome too! Each challenge has a different Australian theme and distance.

*Bonus Challenges*

Challenge yourself to solve a riddle, discover a new recipe, and expose yourself to some questionable music all in the name of fitness! You definitely want to check out our Face The Music Challenge series!

Tell Me More About The August Challenges

We believe that a FitLife begins with movement, but why stop there? We can improve our emotional and mental health right along with our physical fitness. Monthly themes are designed to do just that! 

* Bear Snack Series -Each month, there will be a main theme designed to provide an opportunity to reflect and grow. These themes aim to add a dash of emotional and mental fitness to your physical activities.

* Walkabout and Strange Olympics Series - Earn these wacky bibs and add them to your trophy case. Sometimes even something silly can get you moving!

The bonus challenges are just for fun! You might complete a distance to earn a recipe, solve a riddle, or challenge yourself to keep moving for the duration of various playlists.

The idea is to create more reasons to move and make fitness a habit of a FitLife!

Currently FitLife challenges are meant for walking, running, hiking, strolling, treadmilling, ellipticaling, stair climbing, etc. Basically, non-motorized activities on two feet! As FitLife grows, we will be adding new challenges that will focus on other activity types. Stay tuned!

Tell Me More About FitLife!

The FitLife Project is the direct descendant of The Un-Canceled Project, a challenge series we created during the spring of 2020. Our intention was to combat the disappointment felt by the fitness community in the wake of so many canceled events by not only providing physical fitness challenges, but also presenting other positive aspects of life that cannot be canceled. These “un-cancelable” qualities showed us that virtual challenges have the power to motivate us to improve not only our physical health, but also the fitness of our minds. We wanted to create an enduring challenge that also addressed the mental and emotional aspects of health. These are equally important, and go hand-in-hand with the concept of a “Fit Life.” Our mission is to infuse the physical challenges with intention, positivity, and fun in order to strengthen the mind right alongside the body!

We believe that leading a “Fit Life” (capital F capital L) is an ongoing endeavor. There will never be a time when we should stop striving to be a better version of ourselves, and that is a good thing! Fitness, whether physical or mental, is something that requires constant attention, evaluation, and maintenance. There will always be new goals to achieve and more skills to learn! Every single one of us can benefit from constant and consistent improvement, and that is exactly what The FitLife Project celebrates. Perfection is boring, improvement is rewarding!


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