RUN/WALK 500, 1000, 1500, OR 2,021 MILES IN 2021!



How Many Days In A Row Can You Exercise?

Walk or run at least 1 mile, or exercise at least 20 minutes each day to keep your streak alive. #KeepTheStreak

You can earn up to 6 crazy streaker badges in each challenge (these pop up in the Tracker). The longer you streak, the more badges you earn.  Each badge enters you in a drawing to win great prizes.

OPTIONAL DOG TAGS also available to "add some swag" to the challenge.

PSST! Already registered and just need the 2021 Tags?

Register for a challenge individually or Bundle and SAVE!

Registration + Tags 5 Pack Bundle - $80

The Ultimate Streaker Bundle From Spring To Winter

Save $20 with this bundle!  You get 5 challenges and 5 tags, one every other month, during 2021 with 30 chances to win awesome prizes just for exercising!  This will keep you moving all year long.

Registration 5 Pack Bundle - $60

Save $15 with this bundle! This bundle includes registration to five streaker challenges, one every other month, during 2021 with 30 chances to win awesome prizes just for exercising! Dog Tags Not Included. This will keep you moving all year long!

Meet The Challenges...

Hollywood Streaker (March)

Make your walk of fame count, and step into the spotlight! We would like to thank the Academy for honoring us with this Streak.

Space Streaker (May)

Is that a falling star? Nope! It’s just you streaking through outer space!

Selfie Streaker (July)

Streak a pose and snap a pic. Pout if you miss a day and “smize” when you don’t!

Humor Streaker (September)

We’re not joking when we say we know you can exercise 30 days in a row. Laugh yourself streaky all month!

Magical Streaker (November)

No prestidigitation or secret trick needed for this challenge. Amaze yourself and wow your peers with uncanny determination and supernatural exercise abilities!


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